Great Balls On Tires, or G-BOT for short, was born from two friends’ love for all things edible. Founded by Clint Peralta and Michael Brombart, G-BOT serves meatballs and other savory balls of food. One month after the food truck’s launch, former Comme Ca Restaurant Executive Chef Michael David joined the duo. With a highly esteemed and talented chef on board, it is no surprise that G-BOT serves the city’s most savory and delicious meatballs.  So why meatballs?  Because meatballs are universal. They are found in nearly every culture with names like polpette, kofta and frikadel.  They are found in dumplings and on top of spaghetti all covered with cheese. Across the globe, many cultures have found a way to make the meatball their own. Inspired by their discovery, the G-BOT founders began tasting every meatball they could find. They drove around town, flew across the country and even overseas to taste the balls of the world. On their adventures they realized that they wanted to bring the spirit of these balls home. Today, Great Balls are On Tires for you to enjoy!

G-BOT’s mission is to constantly create new, interesting and flavorful balls but they don’t want to do it alone. If you think you can make a Great Ball, contact them at guestball@greatballsontires.com. Or you can simply stop by their truck and join the reBallution, one ball at a time!